Tiff's Cleaning Angels' Director

Tiff's Cleaning Angels, Our Story

My name is Tiffany. I have 20 years’ experience in the domestic industry and have witnessed both good and bad practices, so feel that I have vast knowledge in what customers are looking for. This lead me to start my own business several years ago and now I feel that is time to expand on the many long term customers that I currently have.

Tiff’s Cleaning Angels is based in North Cardiff, and offers a unique and personal service catered to the needs of the individual customer. No two homes are the same and no two customers are either. At Tiff’s Cleaning Angels, I will initially meet you to assess your requirements and expectations and will then match you to the person we feel meets these best. We are unique in the way that we rigorously select only the most competent of staff for the position and we only recruit staff who are passionate about their work.

Give us a try, we can guarantee that we will add a touch sparkle to your home.

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