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Tiff’s Handy Tips for August 2020

Coconut oil is amazing!

It is nourishing, healing, versatile food. It is amazing to put on your body, in your home. In where we’re inundated with toxins chemicals and processed food, coconut oil stands out.

Coconut oil has been instrumental in my own life. I use it daily. I love to cook with it on low to medium heat, put it in my smoothies, use it as a spread and more. I’ve used it to heal my gut when probiotics alone weren’t cutting it. 

A list of amazing uses for coconut oil:


1.Make a homemade furniture polish 

2. Wipe crayon marks off of the wall

3.Polish metal faucets (TAPS)

4. Use it to wipe the shower or tub as a natural antibacterial/ antiviral shower cleaner

5. Put a thin layer on your shower-head to remove soap scum

6. Use as a leather moisturiser

7. Unstick jammed zips 

8. Naturally grease squeaky door hinges 

9. Polish shoes

10.Clean makeup brushes 

11. Stain remover coconut oil is great for removing strains from upholstery and carpets! Simply mix a small amount of coconut oil with baking soda (same as you would to make homemade whitening toothpaste  

12. Polish the outside of your car 

13. Apply a small amount to furniture as natural dust protector


1. Rub into cracked dry feet and hands

2. Helps soothe poison ivy

3. Massage it into sore muscles for some natural relief

4. Treat minor skin irritation

So, are you convinced, yet? Coconut oil is an amazing part of healthy diet. And fabulous to use on the skin, in your home and in your life. I believe a natural approach to life. And coconut is fabulous addition to balance, healthy, productive life.